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Over the last five decades, Anchor has created and managed to
capture the attention of every citizen in the home country. It started with a humble and decent
vision of manufacturing electrical products of outstanding quality at a time when the
unorganized sector handled the market involving electrical switches or wiring devices. Anchor
has a fantastic experience, skillset, and understanding of the Indian market, which is unmatched
in the field of electrical products since 1683. It has a constant expansion of product range and
growing market share, which leads its way to one of the largest domestic manufacturers of
electrical materials.
Its parent company is Panasonic, which is recognized as one of the most preferred companies
that offer long-lasting products with better safety and comfort to its customers all across the
globe. It has extensive experience of nearly a century in research and development of smart
electrical solutions for industries and homes. Panasonic has certainly emerged as the global
leader in lighting, energy, and indoor air quality products. 
Anchor is aimed to innovate for a better and brighter future. Anchor and Panasonic created the
synergy in 2007 which resulted in the introduction of better energy generation, management,
and conservation. It is the combination of Panasonic's's cutting edge technology and Anchor's
customer support network. It has an established name in delivering a seamless and vast range of
innovative lighting, electrical, and ventilation products that exceed the global standards.