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Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Limited, famously known as
Crompton, is one of the leading consumer companies operating in India with a significant 75
plus years of brand legacy and experience. As per the records till February 2016. It is an
independent company under professional management. Crompton has two business segments,
namely, electrical and lighting consumer durables. The products are marketed with the name of
"Crompton," which is why Crompton sounds like a familiar name, in India, and to a select
overseas export market. It offers over ten thousand plus SKUs to choose from, has a revenue of

44.78 billion as on March 31 st , 2019 and a working capacity of over 1500 employees, giving their
best efforts to build a bigger and better name in the respective field.
Crompton works with a vision to achieve five pillars which includes brand excellence (Crompton
is one of the oldest brands in this field associated with the rich legacy and offers great quality,
reliability and superior engineered products), portfolio excellence (with a continuous
understanding of the customers, it enables to build a compelling brand portfolio with critical
consumer insights over different categories), go-to-market excellence (it delivers multiple
options and a wide range of products driven by consumer focused innovation) and operational
excellence (it follows an end-to-end philosophy to drive efficiency, improve quality and
standards across all the segments that are involved in building a product or service to the
customers). With the achievement of various milestones, Crompton is undoubtedly a brand with
a high value that can be trusted upon.