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Cs Electric

CS Electric provides products and solutions for distribution, protection, power
generation, and final consumption. The product variety ranges from low voltage products and
solutions, final distribution products, lighting, low voltage switchboard, power bus bars,
protection and measurement devices, to diesel generators. 
The company was founded in the year 1966 with a mutual dream to create its space in the
development of power infrastructure in India. It has contributed a significant role to the nation's
project "Made in India" and help reach it on an international platform. It has now become the
most important mission to give its services with the same vision and efforts every day.
Over the past few years, CS has been associated with the introduction of innovative
technologies in the area of power management solutions, particularly in India. This is the reason
behind the company's unique and new culture leading its way to the most trusted and preferred
brands both on national and global levels. It has the ability to establish a close touch with its
customers and offers flexibility with all the requirements of a particular client. This has resulted
in a punch in the company's size, despite the fact that global giants dominate this area.
The manufacturing units are equipped with the best technologies, machinery, and systems to
stay in the competition providing the best facilities in every possible manner. The company also
has a vast network of agents and distributors in India and around other different countries
which gives it a global economic landscape.