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Leading manufacturer of electrical and telecommunication cables

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This Finolex Cables Ltd is India's most comprehensive and commencing manufacturer of electrical and telecommunication cables with a turnover of over ₹26 Billion (about US$ 400 million)

The company started its service with the manufacture of PVC insulated electrical cables for the automobile industry. while, this Company has continually attempted to increase its product range to accommodate PVC Insulated Industrial Cables, FR-LSH PVC Insulated Industrial Cables, PVC Insulated Single Core including Multicore Flexible Industrial Cables, Rodent Repellent Multicore Flexible Industrial Cables, PVC Insulated Winding Wires and 3 Core Flat Cables, XLPE 3 Core Flat Cables, Power and Control Cables, Large Voltage Power Wires.

Besides a comprehensive variety of Wires & Cables, the Company is also manufacturing lighting stocks, electrical assistants, switchgear, fans and water heaters. The company has production facilities at Pimpri and Urse in Pune as well as at Goa & Uttarakhand. The company has, across the years, built its prominence as an innovative bandleader and quality business by continuously promoting technology, modernising manufacturing departments and maintaining highest standards of quality and services. Today, the name Finolex has become compatible with Quality and enjoys overwhelming confidence of the customers. Investors have also fancied its stock given its phenomenal progress leading to a manifold increase on investment in stock through the years.