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Indiabulls LED - A professional LED lighting solutions in India

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IB Led

Indiabulls LED is a company, setup in 1917, which offers a light that understands
you. It is one of the leading LED lighting solution providers in India which has a special focus on
Professional LED Luminaries & Personal LED Luminaries and a crucial part of SORIL Infra
Resources Ltd, which is one of the listed entities of Indiabulls Group. It is engaged in designing
and manufacturing energy-efficient and durable LED luminaries for homes, modern workspaces,
retail spaces, manufacturing facilities, roadways, and city beautification projects. The Company
involves state of the art manufacturing facilities addressed in Mumbai, Daman, Baddi and
Bangalore, and is in the process of setting up a technologically advanced Lighting Innovation
Centre in Mumbai, which aims to be the best in class in the industry. The professional
development and design team of Indiabulls LED includes experienced Illumination Engineers and
Industrial Designers relentlessly working to provide innovative and cost-effective LED lighting
solutions for maximum customer satisfaction.
Indiabulls LED business is a certified Company for design, development, engineering, marketing
and supply of LED Luminaries, Lighting Controls and Accessories including Electronics drivers, as
well as for Lighting Design and Marketing Services.
The company strives to demonstrate its competence with continuous dialogue & partnership
with its customers. The aim is to re-invent the LED Lighting landscape in the Industry.