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"JOHNSON CABLES" are granted for a wide variety of applications throughout the country and abroad it manufactures power cables, instrumentation cables, telecommunication cables, house wires, multi-core cables, 3 core flat & round cables for submersible pump motors etc.

The company's power is its deep roots and a wide experience of more than 35 years in the field. The construction plan and condition of these cables are best suited for the intended application. Forever three decades "JOHNSON CABLES" aim is to manufacture cable of the highest quality and to provide customer satisfaction that is unequalled country. "Johnson Cables" is committed towards its products quality, reliability, safety and excellent customer service.

The quality assurance policy of the company is an intrinsic part of the overall company's management strategy. The Company believes in achieving complete customer satisfaction by providing products & service of consistent quality stringent quality control measures are taken at every step of its production process so that the customer can rest assured for complete safety and value for money.