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L&T formed a joint enterprise with SapuraCrest Petroleum Berhad, Malaysia for giving services to the offshore construction industry. The joint enterprise owns and operates the LTS 3000, a crane vessel for heavy lifting and pipe-laying.

The L&T Power needs set up a business focused on gas-based, coal-based and nuclear power plans.L&T has formed two shared ventures with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Japan to produce supercritical boilers and steam turbine generators.

L&T is among the largest five fabrication firms in the world.L&T has a shipyard competent of constructing vessels of up to 150 metres long and displacement of 20,000 tons at its massive engineering complex at Hazira, Gujarat. The shipyard builds specialised heavy-lift ships, CNG carriers, chemical tankers, defence & para-military vessels, submarines and other role-specific vessels.

The design section of L&T ECC is EDRC (Engineering Design and Research Centre), which gives consultancy, design, and services. It carries out the basic and detailed design for both residential and commercial projects.