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Solution for electrical & digital building infrastructures

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Legrand offers the connection between lives and protection for life. It empowers
connection through innovative and convenient means. For over two decades, Legrand is building
up its space in lighting up Indian homes. It has successfully connected millions and has made
possibilities future-ready. Its global experience enables the company to electrify the clients"

home and digital infrastructure. The company's ultimate aim is to strive for customer
satisfaction and protection. 
Legrand has a space for all with an array of sophisticated solutions to cater to different needs
and requirements of every customer. It makes daily life more efficient and hassles free with
providing a wide range of products of multiple uses, world-class quality, and suitable for every
space. The company also deals in the sector of hospitality, residential, commercial, and
industrial areas. The products are available under different categories such as energy
distribution, door phones, cable management, home automation, wiring accessories, passive
networking, lighting management systems, etc. All these products and services have a unified
aim to make the future a more comfortable place to live in. It also offers customization with
assured quality of products. The certificates from different reputed institutes ensure the
authenticity and delivery of the products provided by Legrand. It has the acquisition of
established companies such as Numeric and Valrack, which further strengthens Legrand's
promise of providing complete solutions, and make it a preferred partner across various
segments. It has an employee base of over 1000 in 26 offices spread across the country, 3
manufacturing facilities, 10 training centers and an extensive network of over 750 distribution
partners and more than 11500 retailers enabling quick penetration in a new market and product
segments, and generate economies of scale.