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Energy equipment and digital automation solutions from Schneider Electric

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Schneider Electric

Schneider electrics is a company that provides energy and digital
automation solutions for sustainability and efficiency. It combines world-leading energy
technologies, real-time automation, services, and software into integrated solutions for home,
data centers, buildings, industries, and infrastructure. It makes the entire process energy safe
and reliable with a sustainable and efficiently open and connected network. The offered
technologies promise to make the motto of "Life is on everywhere" functioning at every
Schneider Electric is its origin from Europe with an exclusive and efficient board of directors. The
success story of Schneider Electric is written by generations of people who have transformed
the company, and the world, for almost two centuries. At present, the heritage empowers the
business to innovate at every level – and to ensure that Life Is everywhere. Its customers inspire
the working environment every day to find new ways to empower people to do more with less.
The company is also honored, recognized, and awarded globally in areas of efficiency,
sustainability, connectivity, reliability, and safety.
Schneider Electric is known as the parent company of Square D, APC and others. It is also a
research company which has invested EUR10 billion in innovations and R&D for sustainable
development between 2015 and 2025. The company holds 20,000 patents, either active or in

application worldwide, and invests 5% of its annual revenue in the research and development
process. The company majorly works under the category of energy management, industrial
automation and has served in different industries such as banking and finance, cement, hospital,
marine, commercial real estate, data centers, healthcare, mining, petroleum, and petrochemical
industries, etc. It has a digital self-healing grid and aims to make smart cities a reality. It lets you
save time at every step of the process and get into the fast lane with the services of Partner