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Simon - Great brand of low voltage electrical products

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Simon is a company with a motto of lighting up of emotions as it gives meaning to
our lives. Without feelings, passion, drive, a sunrise would only be a healthy start of the day, a
romantic evening just a casual meal; and a sunny Sunday morning just another ordinary day to
wake up. On the other side, emotions transform time into moments and snapshots of life to be
cherished forever. It is emotions that make a space a particular place – your place.
The creators of Simon knows that spaces are the center of all our life experiences, and it is
fundamental to be able to fill them with nuances and different intensities, so that you not only
live in them, but also resonate with them. Fill up space with light, create an atmosphere and
play with the details by availing the services of Simon and its products. Touch, see, hear, and
feel a whole range of sensations. Because it is only when you have them at hand; you are able to
handle the real meaning of life.
There are two main concepts at Simon which help the enterprise to gain the trust of its
customers, and those are technology and design. It has a separate research and development
department to accompany the process at every step. With over 100 years of experience, it has
also received various awards which are the symbol of their high-quality services.