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Get international level LED lighting solution with Syska LED

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The SSK Group strives to pursue excellence with its flagship company set up in the
year 1989. Syska has a wide range of products to offer under different categories. Syska LED
provides for an international level LED lighting solution for varied applications with energy-
efficient and effective lighting in any environment from commercial and industrial to home and
retail. It has around 75% market share in India, it has helped the company to build a cornerstone
in the potential Indian market. And now, Syska LED is the market leader which numerous
lighting solutions. It currently holds over 40 patents, and as the future unfolds, Syska is all set to
play a vital role in shifting lighting usage, especially in India. 
Syska accessories are tailor-made products for the growing users of mobile phones in India.
There is a lot of research and innovation involved in the production of Syska accessories, which
leads it to high quality, durability, reliability, and aesthetic appearance.
With Syska home appliances, it has taken a step into the industry under the household category.
Crafted with the latest technology, Syska iron, and Syska fans ranges offers innovative and
energy-saving solutions along with meeting the global standards. These products are
guaranteed premium quality but are priced reasonably.
Syska also has a personal care segment that has created user-friendly products for self-grooming
instruments. The product ranges from trimmers to hair straighteners, giving it a versatile style
touch to the range of the overall products.