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Earthing Lightning Protection Service

Prahil Electrical offers a complete solution to all having Lightning and Earthing problems. From Selling, Installation to Solution-oriented products, we have the expertise and qualified professionals to provide a complete solution to your specific lightning protection.

We have an experienced and qualified technical team in place which backs as well as supports the client with all-time assistance along with technical support and site supervision.

Our dedicated services are not only restricted to supply, but we are also the best solutions provider with full-fledged Designs / technical support/troubleshooting and Testing Maintenance of the Earthing and Lightning Protection features of the projects.

Our expert team reviews as well as understand the initial design and come up with a custom-made solution for a particular project, matching with the international standards. 

Total lightning protection & earthing requirements:

  •  Air rods, terminals & fixing accessories
  •  CADWELD moulds and accessories
  •  Copper tapes, clamps, earthing rods, bars, couplings and lattice mats
  •  Aluminium, Copper and galvanized conduit pipes
  •  Conductors, grommets for conduits, clips, clamps, fittings.


We are organizing Technical Training for the contractors to know the modern design concept & carry installation in an efficient way.

We are having a professional installation team take turnkey projects about the enabling works package as well as underground Earthing Seals and LP installation.