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Office Wiring and Cabling Service

Whether your office is relocating or being restored, let us manage all your office cabling needs. Our work comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee! Prahil Electrical can carry out any form of cable installation, from a standard voice and data network to more sophisticated Ethernet cable installation or fibre-optic networks. Not confident what your office cabling requirements are? No problem! Our technicians and engineers are on hand to help and advise you on the best solutions to increase efficiency and cost-effectiveness. With the quickest response and fast and efficient services, we boast of being one of the most reliable and experienced office wiring and cabling services providers in Gujarat and its adjoining areas.

Cabling & wiring

Business Computer Services delivers infrastructure cabling services to meet or exceed customer specifications for new and existing construction. Try us once, and we are convinced of becoming your final choice!

Facilitating your move

Business Computer Services handles the move of your Internet, website, email, and phone service and ensures it all runs efficiently. Fast and efficient services with the most economical pricing define our standard office wiring and cabling services in Ahmedabad.

Moving your business

When it's an opportunity for your business to go, we take charge of it all, including complete network, workstations, printers, and server relocation. Our electricians pack impressive experience and training to resolve all kinds of office wiring and cabling services in Ahmedabad and save you the hassle and cost of relocation.

CAT 5 and CAT 6

Prahil Electrical has fixed, improved, and controlled network infrastructures for many companies in the Gujarat area. We make sure that your installation jobs are done correctly. From bundling prominent cases of wire to proper stretching from the ceiling, running within wall voids, through top beams, within metal or wood studs.

Fibre Optic Installation

While fibre optics usually makes sense for new office buildings, it's usually a more difficult decision. We have the practice and expertise to design and fit your fibre optic solution. We can also improve your building's current cabling systems. Our experts know how to deal with fibre optics correctly with its installation and service.

Wire and Cable labelling

Doing cable and wire labelling the best way can save a lot of credit and money down the road with system changes or improvements. To recognize, assemble, and repair wire fittings, data or telecommunications systems, and electrical charge boards, it becomes imperative to do cable and wire labelling carefully. 

Why opt for Prahil Electrical office wiring and cabling services?

  • We give tailor-made packages for office refurbishment to each client.
  • We carry out complete site surveys to assess your India office, warehouse, or industrial building's current data cabling network systems.
  • We work on accepted budgets – you will get no surprises with us!
  • Office cabling – re-routing process or upgrading networks – is an essential part of the office move or refurbishment.
  • Using a professional office cabling company in Gujarat will ensure that you don't compromise speeds, capacity, or data integrity.