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L&T DP MCB(Exora 32 A)

L&T DP MCB(Exora 32 A)
  • Conforms to IS/IEC 60898-1 Breaking capacity of 10 kA - better protection for cables and equipment Tripping curves C
  • Energy limitation Class 3 allows low let-through energy in the system Unique patented design gives both label holder and true contact indication
  • facility for individual poles Low watt loss - almost 50% of the values prescribed by IEC 60898-1 - saves energy Trip free mechanism to ensure maximum safety Design based on advanced current limiting hammer trip mechanism ensures quick breaking
  • No line load bias gives flexibility for incomer supply termination on either sides Accessories
  • Higher Life because of heavy duty contacts. True contact information for enhanced safety
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L&T offers its range of Modular Devices –EXORA- to ensure a safe environment around you. Protection and Control devices offered in this range provide safely at your home and at your workplace. Salient features of this range- Quick Break Mechanism, True Contact Position Indicator, Energy Limiting Class 3, enhance safety of human lives and precious belongings. The range includes MCBs, RCCBs, RCBOs, Isolators, Indicators, Energy Meters, Time Switches and Surge Protection Devices. MCBs - The MCB is a vital protection device. It is essential in every electrical installation to safe guard both your life and valuable property against short circuit and overload.