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Simon 10 A 1-Way Switch - Hausmann (White)

Simon 10 A 1-Way Switch - Hausmann (White)

Elegant, 16 AX 1 Way Switch - 1M

Simon Switches are of highly premium quality having

  • POLYCARBONATE for flexibility, strength, UV& Fire Retardant.
  • SHOCK PROOF with finger proof terminals for IP 20 protection.
  • Tested for Over 150,000 Electro- Mechanical operations.
  • SPARK SHIELD which secure against sparks and arcing.
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Switch Size: 1 Module

Brand: Simon

Usage/Application: Electric fitting

Rated Current: 16 AX

Color: White

Switch Type: 1 way Switch

Switch Operation: ON/OFF

Current Rating: 16 AX

Product Code: HMWCS044

Model Number/Name: HMWCS044

Number Of Switch: 1

Type: 1 way

Warranty: 10 years warranty